Anselm Kratochwil, Dr. rer. nat. 
Professor of Ecology
Biology / Chemistry
  1. KRATOCHWIL, A., BEIL, M. & SCHWABE, A. (2009): Complex structure of pollinator-plant interaction-webs: random, nested, with gradients or modules? - Apidologie 40 (6): 634-650. pdf view

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  1. Kratochwil, A. & S. Krausch (2016): Bee-plant networks: structure, dynamics and metacommunity concept. Berichte der Reinhold-Tüxen-Gesellschaft 28: 23-40. pdf view



Andrena dourada  KRATOCHWIL & SCHEUCHL, 2013: Porto Santo

  1. KRATOCHWIL, A. & SCHEUCHL, E.  (2013): Andrena (Micrandrena) dourada nov.sp. from Porto Santo, Madeira Archipelago, Portugal. - Linzer biologische Beiträge 45 (1): 755-774. pdf view

B Andrena orientalis KRATOCHWIL, 2015: Israel, Syria

C Andrena cyrenaica KRATOCHWIL, 2015: Lybia

  1. KRATOCHWIL A. (2015): Revision of the Andrena (Micrandrena) tiaretta group: redescription of A. tiaretta Warncke (1974) and description of two new species (A. cyrenaica nov.sp. and A. orientalis nov.sp.) demarcating the central and eastern part of the range (Libya, Israel, Syria). - Linzer biologische Beiträge 47( 2): 1403-1437. pdf view

Structure and dynamics of bee communities in different habitat types; bee-plant networks (nested-subset-analysis, bipartite networks, modularity)

Descriptions of new Micrandrena species




The bee fauna of the Madeiran Archipelago and the Canary Islands (Hymenoptera, Apoidea) its position in Macaronesia Islands (systematics, endemism, habitat preferences, flower visiting, dispersal)

Female of Andrena (Suandrena) portosanctana Cockerell, 1922

visiting Cakile maritima

  1. Kratochwil, A., Schwabe, A. & Scheuchl, E. (2014): Andrena (Suandrena) portosanctana Cockerell, 1922 and A. (Suandrena) maderensis Cockerell, 1922 — new taxonomical and ecological data for two closely related endemic bee species of the Madeira Archipelago, Portugal. - Linzer biologische Beiträge 46 (2): 1535-1567. pdf view

  1. Kratochwil, A. (2014): Suandrena and Micrandrena species of the Canary Islands and the Madeira Archipelago – new taxonomic, phylogenetic and biogeographical aspects. - Mitteilungen des Entomologischen Vereins Stuttgart 49 (1): 18-19. pdf view

Modularity graph (Software NetCutter 1.0; Muller, 2008) of 2004, based on edge-betweenness clustering